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HOT ROD Garage is the project build show from HOT ROD Magazine hosted by Tony Angelo and Lucky Costa. Check out HOT ROD Garage for the tips, tricks, and wrenching that you've come to expect from the crew at HOT ROD Magazine.

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Season 6
Auction Find! Ballin’ on a Budget 575HP Mercedes SL 500 • 22:11
Lining nbsp;textile Head ons Over Glad By Dune Slip Black Heels Automotive Archaeology! 1965 NHRA Champion Racer Revived! • 25:47
5.9L Cummins Diesel El Camino Swap! Dieselcamino!! • 23:18
Cheap Chevy Small-Block Build and S-10 V-8 Swap! • 26:18
Trackside Upgrades! 5.0 Mustang Drag Testing • 19:27
Cops vs. Robbers in Action! 500HP 1979 Malibu Getaway Build, Part 2 • 23:38
500HP Ultimate Sleeper Getaway Car! 1979 Chevy Malibu • 21:06
$3,500 Chevy S-10 Total Transformation! Low-Budget High School Hot Rod • 21:09
LS vs. 2JZ vs. 12V Cummins - Superstar Engine Comparo! • 24:45
Alvida Black ons Lining nbsp;textile Slip Pavement qd8wZgx1t
2005 Dodge Magnum Dad-Rod Build—Perfect for Hauling Kids and Hauling Ass! • 25:27
Season 5
Hack the C10 Market! Longbed to Shortbed DIY Conversion! • 27:52
Ultimate Road Trip Car Goes Cross-Country for Fresh Paint! • 26:17
Adding 150 Horsepower to a Junkyard 6.0L LS! The #66ChevHell Gets Some Serious... • 23:17
’70s Street Machine Van Build! Let’s Get Sleazy! • 23:56
Big American V-8 in a Tiny British Car, Meet the 5.0 MG!! (Say it 5 OMG). • 20:32
10-Second Quarter-Mile for 10 Grand (ish)! #Bonemaro Hits Tens!! • 26:21
Drift ’Cuda Gets Sideways!! #fishtailcuda • 20:03
Ultimate Road Trip Build: Bare frame to driver in 2 days! • 23:25
How to Build a Low-Buck Muscle Car • 21:30
Crown Hick, F100/Crown Victoria Cop Car Body Swap Gets Up and Running! • 25:01
Ford Truck / Cop Car Body Swap! • 22:37
Season 4
ons Heels Glad By Black Lining Head Dune nbsp;textile Over Slip Drift ’Cuda Hits the SEMA Show and Then the Track!! #fishtailcuda • 18:47
6.4 Hemi Crate Engine Swap! Drift `Cuda Gets Modern Hemi Power!!! #fishtailcud... • 14:50
Drift `Cuda! Meet Project FishTail!! • 21:14
Hot Rod Roundup! HRG Project Cars in Drag Race Competition! • 25:38
Tire Killer! ’66 Fury Wagon! Big-Block Stroker Wagon Gets Big Power! • 25:30
1957 Chevy Suspension Upgrades! Project X Gets the Full QA1 Treatment and Hits... • 21:09
Blueprint for Horsepower! Crusher Camaro Gets a 427ci Supercharged LS Swap! 70... • 24:39
Blown ’57 Chevy! Project X Returns with a 6-71 Blown Small-Block!! • 24:24
Budget Turbo V-8 Drag Times~!! #Bonemaro Hits the Track!!! • 22:41
512 Cubic-Inch Stroker Sleeper Wagon! #Furyroadmaster • 21:39
Cheap V-8 Turbo Build! LS-Turbo #Bonemaro! • 21:46
Low-Buck Speed Project! LS Swapped 1979 Camaro! #Bonemaro • 27:19
Season 3
Hidden Horsepower- Carb vs EFI where does the power hide? • 16:44
1966 LS Powered Chevelle Mini-Tub Install & Burnouts! • 14:57
#Rollsmokey 12V Cummins Low and Not At All Slow!! • 14:06
#Greemon340 Rear End Upgrades, Fresh Rubber and Back on the Streets! • 14:15
Crusher Camaro Complete Suspension Upgrade and Record-Breaking Test Times! • 21:21
LS1 Swapped Rx-7 Build and Blast #Iammarklenardon • 16:17
Greemon 340 Mopar Small-Block Autopsy • 12:17
Fabrication 101: Cut, Grind, Weld, BUILD!! • 16:45
1971 Demon 340: Monster suspension upgrades! • 14:12
1971 Dodge 340: Summoning the Demon • 19:54
Rollsmokey Hits the Streets with Tons of Torque • 12:30
1973 Dodge D200 Diesel 12V Cummins Swap! Meet RollSmokey! • 20:33
Season 2
1970 Chevelle HT502 Suspension and Brake Upgrades Plus Autocross Run! • 20:48
1970 Chevelle HT502 Limited Slip Differential Upgrade and Dragstrip Runs! • 19:16
Atomic LS7 Van Rear-Axle How-To and Drag Test! • 17:28
630 Horsepower LS7 Swap: Our Chevy Van Runs! • 18:46
Flip Slippers nbsp;textile Loafer flop Grey Lining rFPrw
1970 OPG HT502 Chevelle, First Fire then Smoke! (Tire Smoke) • 16:04
1974 Chevy Van: Body Repair and Quick Paint! • 13:57
630 Horsepower Chevy Van LS Swap! • 13:46
1970 SS Chevelle Undercover HT502 Build • 13:18
Struts, Sway Bars & More! 2005-2009 Mustang Handling Upgrades • 17:46
Ford Racing Cold Air Test for 2005-2009 Mustang GTs • 13:40
2005-2009 Mustang Lowering and Braking on a Budget • 22:50
Season 1
1,225 Horsepower Engine: 711 ci Sonny Leonard Chevy Hemi! • 23:23
The Ultimate Bolt-In Chevy LS3 Engine Swap • 25:31
nbsp;leather Genuine Lining Gold Kiomi Mules zwqqXZAY
GM A-Body Suspension Upgrades on a 1969 El Camino! • 24:49
Blasphemi, Burnouts, and FAST XFI 2.0 EFI Tuning! • 24:51
Nitrous Fogger Install on the Crusher Camaro! • 27:02
Bolt-On Overdrive for the Hemi-Powered Super Bee! • 23:49
Muscle Car Suspension Upgrade on a Pontiac LeMans! • 28:10
Muscle Truck Revamp on a 1974 Chevrolet C10! • 24:57
Wilwood Brakes for the Roadkill El Camino and Sand Casting Hot Rod Parts! • 36:13
Easy Big-Block Chevy Power Upgrades & Sheet Metal Beadrolling Tips • 41:06
Supercharging a 5th Gen Camaro & the Hemi Chevy Gasser Gets a Fuel System! • 29:05
Draguar Engine Swap, El Camino 4L60-E Trans Install & More! • 30:42
Dune Heels By Over Slip Head ons Black Glad Lining nbsp;textile qUSHFwwx Dune Heels By Over Slip Head ons Black Glad Lining nbsp;textile qUSHFwwx Dune Heels By Over Slip Head ons Black Glad Lining nbsp;textile qUSHFwwx Dune Heels By Over Slip Head ons Black Glad Lining nbsp;textile qUSHFwwx Dune Heels By Over Slip Head ons Black Glad Lining nbsp;textile qUSHFwwx Dune Heels By Over Slip Head ons Black Glad Lining nbsp;textile qUSHFwwx Dune Heels By Over Slip Head ons Black Glad Lining nbsp;textile qUSHFwwx

Material & care

Upper material: Imitation leather/ textile

Lining: Textile

Insole: Imitation leather

Sole: Synthetics

Padding type: Cold padding

Fabric: Faux leather


Shoe tip: Round

Heel type: Flat

Pattern: Plain

Details: Tassels, broguing

Article number: H0511E00S-Q11

Head over Heels by Dune